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From a refreshed website to a simple branded proposal or PowerPoint template so you don’t have to recreate the wheel each time.
This is the type of marketing support I provided large organizations for years, and now I help small and medium businesses fill in these gaps.
Image by Patrik Michalicka
Branding & Branded Templates

Wouldn't life be easier if you had things like a proposal or quote template or a PowerPoint that you opened up and it was already branded for you? Or how about a bunch of branded Canva templates to help you keep up with your social media posts?

Branding is super important because it tells the world that this item, this thought, this fun post, whatever, comes from you...your company...your insightful thinking. It's critical to use your branded look and feel across all of your assets to convey a polished and professional vibe. 

Branding consists of creating or modernizing an existing logo, establishing your brand's color palette (which get used across everything you deliver, from your website to your social media posts) and determining your fonts. All of these elements work together to say, "This is who I am, this is who this company is, this is our personality." 

Image by Anete Lūsiņa
Email Newsletters & Blog Writing

Do you have great ideas to share with your clients and prospects but literally don't have the time to sit down to write? I ghost write blogs and newsletters to make sure your great ideas are getting out there. If it's a technical topic, I can interview you to garner your critical points and then create a post.

Or, maybe you want to be in front of clients but don't know what to write. I can help with ideation — the process of developing topics for the next month, or even for your entire year. 

Either way, we can co-create a communication schedule that makes sense for your time commitment, your industry and your desire to communicate. For some, that may be just a once-a-quarter email to your contacts; for others, that may mean a monthly blog that then gets pushed out via an email teaser. Let's chat if this sounds interesting.

Image by Kevin Bhagat
Website Builds & Updates

Most small and medium businesses don't need a $10K-$100K website (trust me, the prices vary that much and more). You simply need a professional who understands how to bring images, copy, color and technology together to make you a beautiful and concise website.

I truly am a one-stop shop for simple websites, which makes it quicker, easier and less expensive than hiring a team. (I will also let you know if you actually do need a bigger team to accomplish your goals.)

Image by Austin Distel
Presentation Specialist

If you need a really great PowerPoint, you've come to the right place. I take your plain-text content and make it come alive on screen with beautiful images and graphics.


I will work with you to determine your desired style and outcome and then will work my magic to make you look great. 

Notebook and Pen
Other Projects & Project Management

From selecting client gifts (including a process to ensure you're consistent for things like referral programs) to setting up your brand in DIY social media platforms like Canva, the world of marketing covers a wide range of knowledge, duties and tasks, and I've dealt with so many of them. 

I can handle a wide range of tasks or manage the project for you so you know it's getting done, freeing you up to do what you do best. 

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