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Outsourced Marketing Services

Hire help.

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It's the little things that bog people down — getting that proposal or quote out the door, updating the website, creating that PowerPoint for the upcoming conference, figuring out what to publish in the monthly email or blog (and remembering to do it!).


I get it. 


I've supported the marketing function at large organizations for 20+ years. I see how these things stress people.

Today's small and medium businesses need strategic creative support, but maybe not enough to hire a full-time employee. 


Hiring an outsourced marketing professional gives you the flexibility to pay for only the amount of creative and  strategic support you need. 

I take the lead on marketing tasks like these, whether it's just a one-off project or an ongoing task:


  • A proposal or presentation template 

  • A new or refreshed website

  • A fully designed presentation in PowerPoint

  • Branded stationery (think letterhead and thank-you notes)

  • Help writing/editing and publishing a monthly blog or email

  • Branded images for social media 

  • A brochure or a marketing mailer

  • A marketing plan or calendar for the year

  • Insight on better tools to get certain jobs done

And the list goes on...


No matter the project, I take the technical aspects of what you do and turn it into something beautiful and easy for clients to understand.


Making the complex interesting and professional for presentations, brochures, proposals, blogs, newsletters, and social media posts (really anything you use to communicate about your business) is how I support you.

Hand it off to me and consider it done.

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A One-Stop Shop

One thing my clients find most valuable is my ability to both write and create graphics.
I can handle projects that need a keen eye for both, like your blog, your website and your proposals without having to hand it off to a writer, editor or a graphic designer. 
This makes the process seamless and cost-effective for you. There is nothing lost in translation because you work with me directly, and only me.

Before This...

I worked in the marketing department at law firms, accounting firms, a software firm and even spent a year working on a yacht. So, I've been in professional environments and worked with many leaders selling high dollar products and services over the years. It's been a lot of fun. But what's even more fun is sharing those years of knowledge with smaller businesses. 


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